Collages inspired by moments in Japan

This is my first post in almost 3 years, eeeek! I used to share parts of my creative outlet on this blog and I’d like to start it back up. So first up: some collages I created with materials found in Japan and inspired by moments and scenes from my travels there.

  1. Colorful and thoughtfully assembled ramen from AFURI

  2. Maneki Neko from the Gotokuji Temple

  3. Japanese flag inspired by the minimalistic tiles found on many homes


Smile, Marisa.

I noticed myself repeating, "It's just my face!" often enough that I decided to make cards to save some time. I have what some call, "chronic bitch face" or "resting bitch face." I could be casually thinking about my next meal or what my cats are up to and get asked,  "Are you okay/sad/mad/tired?" or told "You should smile more/cheer up!"  

Most of the time the comments are pretty innocent and well intended (I'm definitely guilty of this too!). But here's my attempt at spreading awareness and shyly telling others to stop worrying about my face. :) 

Mixtape V: Growth

I haven't made a new playlist for 2 years (!), so here's a fun one to make up for lost time. 

Listen → Growth

01. "Younger - Kygo Remix" – Seinabo Sey

02. "Flashed Junk Mind" – Milky Chance

03. "Slow Dance" – John Legend

04. "batard" – Stromaeo

05. "Lose Your Soul" – Dead Man's Bones

06. "Addicted To Love" – Florence + The Machine

07. "Rise Up" – Andra Day

08. "Pumpin Blood - Acoustic" – NONONO

09. "Let Me Down Easy" – Max Frost

Mixtape I

Mixtape II

Mixtape III

Mixtape IV

Magazine Sketches

You know those magazines you get twice a week addressed to the previous tenants? This 200+ page (!!) Bergdorf Goodman mag came the other day and instead of the usual dump in the recycle bin I decided to practice some letter sketches on it. I roughly wrote the first thing that came to mind when I flipped through the pages. I love the way the marker feels gliding over the glossy paper. 


Mixtape III: Walk on By

Listen→ Walk On By

01.  “Al's Song" – Emma Louise

02.  “All This Time (Pick-Me-Up-Song" – Maria Mena

03.  “Walk On By" – Noosa

04.  “1000 Sundowns" – Emma Louise

05.  “We'll Fall Asleep" – Wilderness Survival

06.  “Dance, Dance, Dance" – Lykke Li

07.  “You've Got The Dirtee Love" – Florence + The Machine

08.  “25" – Oskar Linnros

09.  “Winter Song" – Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson

10.  “Broken Headlights" – Joey Ryan, Sara Bareilles

11.  “Hope" – Twista, Faith Evans

12.  “Bird Song" – Florence + The Machine

13.  “Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" – Mayer Hawthorne

Mixtape I

Mixtape II

Collected Colors

I'm having collection withdrawals. When I moved to NYC I only packed two suitcases and sold/donated/stored the rest of my belongings. Over the years I have collected a lot of stuff–mostly a lot of old stuff. Unfortunately, I had to leave most of my collections back home in storage. I stumbled across these photographs I took a few months prior to moving for a catalog I was creating that documented part of my collections and part everyday items.  I took them all with film, which made the process much more special to me. You can see the final catalog in my portfolio here.











Mixtape II: Candles

I decided it was time to make another mixtape. This one starts out slow, but ends with a dance.

Listen → Candles

01.  “Candles" – Daughter

02.  “We Don't Eat" – James Vincent McMorrow

03.  “Atlas Hands" – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

04.  “Truth" – Alexander

05.  “Hard Way Home" – Brandi Carlile

06.  “Modern Drift" – Efterklang

07.  “Vi kommer alltid ha Paris" – Veronica Maggio

08.  “Moi Je Joue" – Brigitte Bardot

09.  “D.A.N.C.E." – Justice

10.  “Ce Jeu" – Yelle 11.  “Rum Hee" – Shugo Tokumaru

Mixtape I